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I have more than 15 years of experience in teaching and conducting research in academia. I am currently working as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Medicor Foundation and as lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) at the University of Liechtenstein where I teach courses on “fundamentals of philosophy”, “practical ethics”, and “human rights”. I worked previously as Program Manager and Compliance Officer at the Liechtenstein Development Service. Prior to that I worked as Assistant Professor at the International Academy of Philosophy and as Director of the Research Center for Peace and Human Dignity.

Because I am deeply convinced that the human person should be (re)placed in the centre of all our endeavours, I always try to act according to the following core values: respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, sense of responsibility, authenticity, and integrity.

I have complemented my academic education with various further education programmes among which: a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Development and Cooperation from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, a Compliance-Officer Certificate Programme from the University of Liechtenstein, a  Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Human Rights from the University of Geneva, a Certificate in Human Rights for Open Societies (Utrecht University), and several other programmes in interculturality, higher education didactics, and educational media didactics.

Critical and networked thinking informs my whole attitude; open to the world and eager to learn from others, I am thrilled by professional challenges that link ethical, anthropological principles to legal and political structures.

* This website is my personal website. Thus, ideas expressed therein don’t engage any of the institutions I am linked with.